About Our Project


During the COVID -19 pandemic, learning can be extremely difficult due to the situation it puts students and teachers in. With most schools and universities transitioning to virtual learning, it can be especially tough for those students who benefit the most from in-person teachings. As this has been a pressing issue over the past year, the issue needs a solution to help both students and teachers in this situation. Most students learn in different ways and most can’t focus in these virtual learning environments as external factors can take over that would otherwise not be there in a classroom environment. This creates several issues with efficient teaching using distance learning. Because of this, we are creating a project that allows for deeper student immersion when learning in the classroom is not an option.


Our project is aimed at creating an affordable and effective alternative to the traditional online classroom. For our project, we plan to create Virtual Reality learning modules assisted by brainwave monitoring of physiological stated. In order to achieve this, we have incorporated the EMOTIV EPOC+, a VR headset, and a controller for environment navigation into our design. The VR headset and controller allow for the user to interact with a learning environment tailored to the needs of specific classes. Also, the EPOC+ allows monitoring of brain state to present attention span and concentration levels in a readable form for the teacher.