CSV Data Extraction with Java Program Testing

We tested out a potential method for extracting data from the EPOC+. Our primary option involves taking raw data in real time. This would allow for us to provide a real time analysis of physiological state during model use. However, we have not currently obtained clearance to obtain this data from EMOTIV.

To circumvent potential issues, we have decided to work on an alternative method for data extraction. This method can not provide real time analysis, limiting its functionality for our project’s use. If we are unable to obtain or implement real time data extraction, this method can provide a summary of brain signal activity upon completion.

When the EPOC+ extract brainwave data, the results from the recording are stored in a CSV file. Although we are currently unsure how we plan to display this information, we created a Java program using scanners to take the results from each EPOC sensor.

Here is a link to our created code:


The CSV File we use to test this program is from extracted EPOC+ data. The values from the images below correspond to the first two data rows in the provided file.




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